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Redknapp bullies authorities on stance over comments

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Harry Redknapp stood his ground firmly this week amongst fears that he would be punished following his comments after the Manchester United match. I think this not only signifies his status within the game currently but also how The FA have shown a great deal of weakness as well as admitting that he had more than a fair point.

Managers comments have become much scrutinised by the authorities in recent years in order to protect referees but this recent non-action by the FA suggests that Redknapp’s comments were not far off.

The strict rules regarding manager interviews that have been ignored by Sir Alex Ferguson in a different set of circumstances would have looked farcical if another top flight manager had gone against the grain. 

Redknapp put his point across perfectly and I agree with him. Managers are asked to make comment on a whole host of things related or not to their own club so why should they not tell the truth? If they had a script of what they can and cannot comment on then there would be no need to interview them in the first place. Should they be inclined to lie about how they view certain incidents to protect referees or to avoid punishment?

I agree that manager comments should be constructive. In times gone by we have seen certain comments made by referees that have crossed the line. Some managers seemed to have held grudges against certain referees who they feel have continuously ruled against their sides unfairly.

But surely if somebody is asked to comment on a situation then they should be able to speak about it honestly. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the views of the referee for post match comments. I’m sure that the world of football would like to see some kind of response from match officials instead of hiding behind ex-referees who always back their decisions.

For me the question we must ask is if the  protection of referees is as important as hearing the honest opinions of our managers. I think not.

Bale…The new Ryan Giggs ?

October 21, 2010 1 comment

 The superb hat-trick from Gareth Bale in the Champions League against Inter Milan and thmaster class at White Hart Lane in the home fixture puts Gareth Bale up there amongst the top Premier League players now in terms of status.

To score 3 goals against the holders with a man down not only goes a long way to show us what Tottenham are made of but also to confirm that they have nurtured a real talent in Bale.

He seems to have really found his feet at Tottenham after an indifferent start at White Hart Lane. Initially, Tottenham signed him as a left-back back but due to the form of another of Tottenham’s ‘finds’ Assou-Ekotto, he had found himself on the fringes. He was even made available for loan and was close to playing in The Championship.

An injury or two at Tottenham forced Redknapp into playing him in an unfamiliar role and within a few months his career has blossomed and all of a sudden everybody is talking about him.

His performances towards the end of last season have carried over to this campaign and he is now looking like Tottenham’s main threat in attack. His energy levels are one reason why he is looking so effective. To get up and down for 90 minutes, game after game, is something that not many can achieve. He can even surge past world class deferners in the final minutes of a match.

Obviously his age is an advantage but the quality he possesses in the final third is a danger to all Premier League and now Champions League defenses.

And to add goals to his armoury will potentially see him becoming a target for more established European clubs.

Although Harry Redknapp has stated that he is to stay it could depend on Tottenham qualifying for the Champions League again next year.

As Ryan Giggs approaches his final days it would be no surprise to see an interest from Manchester United. Inter Milan would naturally be following his progress closely and Real Madrid seem to want to buy every top class player.

If he continues his development it will be a big ask for Tottenham to retain him.

It is just a pity that he is not an Englishman as he would no doubt cure one of the longstanding problems of our wide left void.

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