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Rob Scott’s rant

I’ve not blogged for a while but wanted to give my thoughts on the current situation at Blundell Park.

The controversial confrontation from Rob Scott following Grimsby Town’s home defeat to Darlington has brought about a debate which could be seen as a turning point in the season of Grimsby Town.

The post on You Tube has propelled this incident into the limelight which may allow everybody connected to Grimsby Town to take stock of where the club is at present.

So where do I stand on this?

They say that fans pay good money and therefore can say what they like. This is true, of course. But at what point does this become too much?

Clearly the majority of Town fans back their team.The decline of Grimsby Town is obviously not easy to take for the real supporters. It unfortunately been slow, painful and predictable. From my days as a player in the second tier where we were considerably over achieving their was, even then, disgruntled fans. People may have forgotten this but it was there back then. Maybe not as much as nowadays but there was still a contingent of supporters who were never happy. We were playing regularly against the likes of Wolves, Birmingham Leicester and still coming under criticism if results were not as expected.

I think that we all accept that criticism is a part of being a football manager and if it is constructive then we must accept it. This was clearly not the case so I feel that Scott has a right to stand up for himself, his players and his club in the way he did.

For my money, the terrace moaning has become the culture at Blundell Park. New supporters get on the bandwagon and the culture continues and grows.

Although I wasnt at the game, by all accounts Town played well enough to win but didn’t take their chances. Their work rate and application wasnt questioned so if there is a right  way to lose  then this can come under that category.

Reading the comments from Mr Fenty I think that he has been wanting to air his views on this for some time and I agree with his comments.

The negative atmosphere at Blundell Park, although is not to blame totally for the clubs decline, has certainly been a factor in the fortunes of the club.

Grimsby Town supporters must now re-group as a unit, get behind their players, managers and board and give it a real go.

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