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Jamie Forrester interview

November 29, 2010 2 comments




I would like to say big thank you to everybody who posted questions.



Do you try to keep fit since your retirement?

Yes. I tend to do a bit of running. I have just committed to running The London Marathon 2011 so looking forward to that. Most of my fitness is done on my home vibration plate. I do my sit ups, press ups, core stability etc. It also massages after a run to help recovery.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing poker. I like to play live but love online poker mostly. I play tournaments as well as cash games. I see poker as calculated risks rather than gambling.

Did you have any particular special dietary requirements when you played?

My diet improved as I became more experienced. I took on extra supplements for Glucosamine Sulphate, Vitamin C, Cod liver oil etc.  

Why do you think more Englishmen don’t try their luck abroad?

These days it is down to money. The reason our top players went abroad years ago was because the money was much higher abroad. Now that The Premier League is one of the richest in the world the top players don’t need to.

Any examples of when you played scored a few but lost a game – did you have a go at defenders etc?

Football is a team game and everybody makes mistakes, none on purpose. I think that if you criticise anybody then you should do it constructively.

What is the longest you have rued a missed opportunity for?

Although all strikers miss chances it was missed penalties that stayed with me longest. The last penalty I took was for Notts County at Bournemouth and I casually placed it down the middle only for the GK to stay where he was and put his cap on it. Ouch!! I still get that sickly feeling just thinking about that one.

What was behind your decision to request you keep the number 18 shirt when you signed permanently for the Cobblers?

When I was on loan I wore the number 18 shirt and wanted to carry on the form I had had.

Jamie, while I’m sure you have lots of good memories, what do you consider the standout highlight of your playing career? There must be one.

I would have to choose my home Premier League debut. It was for Leeds Utd at home to Blackburn Rovers at Elland Rd. That day will stay with me forever.

Just wondering who was the best/worst manager you have worked under and why?

Best manager: Kevan Broadhurst at Northampton Town. Always got the best out of me, knew the game inside out tactically and had my total respect.

Worst manager:  I have been so lucky to have played for so many good managers that it would be harsh to choose a ‘worse’ one. They all have their own different qualities and weaknesses.

Did you ever feel luckier playing in certain colours?

I have played for that many clubs that I must have worn every colour in the rainbow so I can’t really attach one particular colour to be luckier than any other.

What’s your opinion on the FA retrospectively punishing players?
Is Joey Barton’s punch really any different to a horror tackle or an elbow to the face? Shouldn’t all violent incidents be dealt with one way or another?

We have the opportunity to look at video evidence if any misdemeanours have been committed. Just because 4 officials may miss something then that should not mean that somebody should be let off. If the camera catches it then they should be punished.

Out of the crop of Leeds youth you played with who was the one you thought would go furthest in the game. And, from the same group was there a player who did really well in the game who you thought wouldn’t make it?

I must admit that that squad didn’t live up to its potential. Noel Whelan had the best career but probably didn’t stand out in the youth team. He improved so much from the age of about 19 onwards. Unfortunately I probably thought that I would go on to achieve more than I did.

Did any of the fans from the clubs you played for stand out in terms of the support you received whilst playing for them?

All fans are passionate about their clubs. Just because there are more fans at some clubs compared to others doesn’t hide the fact that they all love their team. I must say that Northampton Town supporters made me feel most special. I even scored on my return to Sixfields for Hull City and received applause from the home crowd. That doesn’t happen to many players.

With the game, financially, coming under increased scrutiny, what, in your opinion, can clubs, the FA, and FIFA do to make sure less clubs enter administration?

There will always be a club willing to spend beyond its means whilst gambling for success. In theory, I would suggest something similar to the NFL where it is a more of a level playing field each season.  In practice that will never happen because the world’s biggest clubs would never relinquish their power on the game to make the game a more level playing field. The rich get richer in football.

 Do you believe that young players are pampered in Britain leading to them being reckless and less determined to progress in the game?

The money that top young players receive these days throws up so many issues which go against becoming a top player. Hunger and desire can become watered down if a young player is financially secure. Not sure how we reverse this trend though.

What was it like playing for Southend and under Peter Taylor? Who was the best player at Southend at your time there?

Peter Taylor was a young manager at the time. I enjoyed playing for him and was also a huge reason for me signing for Hull City a few years later. I was at Southend when Ronnie Whelan was a player. We stayed in the same hotel together and was a legend at the time.

If all of your former clubs played each other in a tournament, whom would you personally want to win and why?

The clubs I remember most fondly are the ones where I performed to the highest level. With that in mind I would like to see Leeds Utd, Northampton Town, Scunthorpe Utd and Lincoln City all meet in the semi-finals. I would be happy whoever won!!

My question is about the future of the England national side. Do you think the amount of foreigners in the Premier League is stopping talent coming through, or is it helping our young players to develop?

It is undoubtedly stopping the amount of talent coming through. It is a numbers game. The pool of players available for international recognition is decreasing year on year. For those who do manage to come through the ranks will benefit from playing and training with the top players but there just aren’t enough English players who get to that level.

Who has been your favourite strike partner?

Steve Howard and Mark Stallard. I can’t choose between them.

Do you think that if English clubs enforced a more rigid lifestyle on their players in terms of diet, training and alcohol consumption, as they seem to do on the continent, coupled with more technical work, we might see a more successful England side?

I think that the strict, professional lifestyle of a footballer is most definitely enforced in this country these days. The technical training is also something that has become more widespread too at professional clubs. I just think that there are not enough English players at clubs at age 16+ for us to be positive about our national team for the future.

I think you said in a previous blog about how much spare time you have as a player Jamie. What did you used to do to fill that time?

I was very fortunate that it allowed me to spend a lot of time with my children whilst they were growing up. I am very grateful for that. Before that I played lots of golf and snooker and the occasional drinking session (see Leeds Utd blogs!!)

I also play a lot of Playstation. Pro Evolution Soccer and Call of Duty mainly.

If you were manager of Manchester United today, what would you change?

Although it is a position of power within the game I’m not sure if you can change too much on your own. The Rooney situation was out of the managers hands which proves the point.

Football management – would you?

Football management is something that everybody thinks they can do. I would love to have the opportunity but it is a very difficult position to get to, at any level. There are scores of applicants for every job so you do need to have a bit of luck with the right timing or have great connections.

What were your lowest and highest points during your spell with Scunthorpe United?

Lowest point: Probably the Loaded magazine situation. I was completely mis-quoted but nobody believed me at the time.

Highest point: Gaining promotion in 1999…easy one that !

As a young lad from Bradford, what convinved you to up sticks and move hundreds of miles to Auxerre?

I moved away from Bradford at a very early age but thought that Auxerre had a great youth set up and that I stood a great chance of progressing better there. They were light years ahead of all of our top clubs at that time.

Hi Jamie – What’s with the hair that re-appeared for the Keith Alexander memorial match? I hardly recognised you!!

I decided to grow it a bit (well in some areas !! ). May go back to the number 1 at some stage though.

On a serious note what is your favourite memory from Lincoln City?

My debut against GTFC was a great memory for me. One of those days where everything went how you want it.

Topical question here, “What do you think of Gillian McKeith, and who do you want to win I’m a Celebrity?”

I have to be honest, I haven’t seen all of it. However, it appears so obvious that she went in there for the money. One of few celebs that will come out with even less public appeal than when she went in.

John Fashanu, Mick Harford or Dave Felgate? Who do you/did you rate the most?

How old do you think I am ??? !!! Mick Harford from my few memories of them all.

My two eldest boys play in Leeds. One was in Leeds development centre for a year but knee injury cut it short a year ago-he’s 14. My 12 year old has a 6 week trial at Huddersfield hopefully. What advice would you give for a trial? Follow every coach instruction? Play your own game? Stand out etc

Yes, play your own game. Do your best but don’t try too hard…sounds easier than you think. Try not to get your hopes up too much. Trials can be very tough and you could perform to your absolute best and still not be successful. That is not being negative but realistic. Every player has to deal with rejection at some stage so make sure that you bounce back if it doesn’t work out at Huddersfield. I think that, realistically, 7 of the professional clubs I played for decided that they didn’t want me. It’s all part and parcel.

Hope this helps. Let me know how he goes on.


Hello Jamie, Iron fan here. Just what was it that John Gayle did that the naked eye couldn’t see? Or how important is it to play with a ‘Nasty Big Man’?

John Gayle was immense. The ball stayed up there when it was played forwards. Although he wasn’t prolific I would never have scored so many goals without him. A role model off the pitch too. He used to carry a tennis ball around with him and he was always trying to improve his footwork.


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