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Then and now…Hull City

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment


When I joined Hull City Peter Taylor was the manager. The club had just moved to The KC Stadium and there was a great deal of expectancy from all angles. Adam Pearson had turned around the financial fortunes of the club and they were seen as big spenders in the basement division.

Adam Pearson stands out for me as the main reason for the rise up the League ladder for Hull City. He was always great to deal with and went out of his way to get to know the players.

  It seemed like it was only a matter of time before the club would be in a higher division, and so it turned out. As we see today Hull City has had tremendous success over the last 4 or 5 years. Although many fans will not be 100% content with the current plight I am sure that if you asked fans back then if they would be happy with how the club has faired then a high percentage would say ‘yes’. The Premier League has seen the club achieve a new status within the game but with that has brought financial problems which have burdened the current manager, Nigel Pearson. The Premier League is such a financial strain on the majority of clubs that if that status is not constantly achieved then there is always the risk of financial worries down the line. Hull City are no different. The wage bill has been cut considerably since the Premier League relegation which has affected the size of the squad. On paper though there is enough there to suggest that they will not be in the bottom half of The Championship for too long. At this particular time we see Hull City putting some decent form together. They are proving a very difficult team to beat. They are starting to score more freely in recent matches which will please everybody. If the home form can be improved it will certainly help matters. Some supporters have questioned the ability of manager Nigel Pearson. This seems pretty silly to me. His recent record at Leicester City stands up against any manager in the lower leagues. I remember thinking how fortunate Hull City were to get him when he arrived. Hull City is now a big club so it is testament to the club that they can attract managers contracted to other clubs so well. I see this season as a consolidation season, both on and off the pitch. The recent takeover could well allow some player spending in January although, unless any purchases pay off immediately, a promotion push may have to wait until next season. They will be in the same boat as many Championship clubs as a former Premier League club which only goes to prove what a tough division The Championship really is.

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