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Will the young guns provide a new era for England ?


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The recent England squad has found many of our young performers added to the squad to face France.

The inclusion of Cardiff’s Jay Bothroyd has sparked talking points from many sections. His status as a Championship player will raise eyebrows amongst many England followers.

Many will be thinking that we could be scraping the barrel with us having to delve in to the second tier of our game to produce our next batch of England stars. This maybe just a sign of things to come. The career of Bothroyd is an interesting one. Having spent his early years at Arsenal and not made the grade he has done the Championship circuit and always looked a handful at that level. With the pool of players available to Capello he has no choice but to look beyond The Premier League.

This is a result of the huge influx of foreign players to our shores from years gone by and it could become normal practice if the trends are not reversed.

I am not suggesting that Bothroyd is not worthy of a call up. He must have been watched on many occasions by the scouts in the England set up. His performances must certainly have merited this inclusion, so why not give him a go. 

I just feel a little sorry for Kevin Davies. He must be wondering what he has done wrong to be excluded from the previous squad. He only played a few minutes for England and his form since has been good, so why has he been axed, and what message does that send out ?

From the original squad list I like how the England team is evolving on paper. Carroll, Henderson and Wilshire look to be standing out in The Premier League. They could prove to have long international careers ahead of them. I also think that Kieran Gibbs is a capable understudy to Ashley Cole at left back.

The experience of Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand will provide some substance to the team so I look forward to seeing if any of the next batch can grow in to becoming our future England stars.

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