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Rooney vs Ferguson. A heavyweight clash.

As reports suggest that Wayne Rooney is on his way out of Old Trafford it seems that Ferguson is again going head to head with one of his big name stars. We saw it towards the end of last season with Carlos Tevez which led to his departure and I am sure that most Manchester United fans hope that this doesn’t signal another departure for another of their favourites. With the Tevez situation it appears that, reading between the lines, Teves was never shy to have his say. His time at Manchester City has already been sprinkled with stories of his discontent at various issues. I can see Ferguson chose to allow Tevez to leave. Talent does not come into it. When you have a potential disruptive influence in the dressing room it can be a time bomb waiting to go off. Ferguson has always prided himself on keeping things ‘in-house’. Every club has fall outs. That will never change. It comes with the territory. What you don’t want is it being made public. And that is where the problems begin.

Since the differing views from either side on Rooney’s injury situation have led to so much speculation it now has blown open into the public arena. The media are like a dog with a bone and will not let this one go.

My guess is that Rooney has been carrying something of an injury. Now some players want to play through an injury if they can. Obviously all injuries are different but some can be managed. Rooney is certainly a player that does not like sitting out so I think that he had tried to play through this particular injury. This has coincided with Rooney’s poor form as well as the form of the team. And when this happens then people want answers. 

I believe that Ferguson has tried to protect Rooney by suggesting that he was playing with an injury. Rooney has come in for a lot of criticism since the World Cup from all quarters. Ferguson was trying to deflect this for his sake  in my opinion.

Rooney, on the other hand, has insisted that there is no such injury . For me, he does not want to make any excuses. As a footballer is you declare yourself fit there is no excuse once you have done so. There are many reasons why performances can be affected for any footballer at any level and the off-field situation will not help. I imagine that he is being tracked 24/7 by all corners of the media in the hope that he will step out of line. He has a young child. Sleep can be a factor too. I have been there. A crying baby at 3am doesn’t care if you have a big match in a dy or two !

But when you cross the white line you have no excuses.

We must ask ourselves if this situation would have evolved if Rooney’s was scoring freely or if Manchester United hadn’t squandered numerous leads over the course of the last few weeks. I don’t think so.

So I fel that both parties have done the right thing for themselves. Ferguson may feel like he has been publicly humiliated by Rooney’s comments surrounding the injury and Rooney feels like he is being undermined by Furguson to suggest that he is injured.

Hopefully will not leave Old Trafford. I say this because if he does leave then it will probably be abroad and away from The Premier League. Manchester United will be reluctant to allow a rival have his services and if he plays on foreign shores then The Premier League will be poorer for it.

There could well be a stand-off for a little while but if Rooney was to leave then both parties would lose out.

Form is temporary and class is permanent. Rooney will soon find his way back to form and hopefully it will be with Manchester United.

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  1. October 18, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    He should move to Man City, IMHO.

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