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Fair comment Wenger

From when I saw the red card given to young Jack Wilshere I was looking forward to hearing Arsene Wengers post match comments.

Over the years we have often heard Wenger either say that he hadn’t seen such incidents involving his own players, or disagreing with referee decisions which have led to Arsenal players being sent off.

As the Jack Wilshere tackle was only a few yards away from the managers dugout then to not have seen the challenge would not be a credible option.  Wenger has also been very critical of wreckless tackles made against his own players over recent times. I personally feel that he has tried to influence referees to deter opposition teams from playing  aggressively agains the beautifully flowing game that Arsenal possess. Are teams supposed to sit back and let Arsenal play them off the pitch ? Of course not. We all know that any team would come off second best if they try to play Arsenal at their own game.

Does his mean that Wenger is responsible for Wilshere,s tackle? Are we to assume that he has sent out his players to play in this fashion ? According do Danny Murphy the answer is yes. For me it was as simple as Wilshere,s first touch letting him down and his youthful exuberance forcing him to lunge in to make amends. I also believe that this particular challenge would not have received a red card but for all of the media hype surrounding some recent red cards in The Premier League. The challenge was a poor one but I feel that it looked worse than it actually was. There was no intent to damage but we can’t blame the referee for the colour of the card. The recent hype will have made referees a little bit more card happy that normal. The last thing referees want is to receive more criticism for not acting on rash tackles. Any borderline red card decisions, as I regard Wilshere,s tackle to be, was always going to end up with a sending off.

So we must credit Arsene Wenger for coming out and reacting the way he did. Wilshere has also taken responsibility for the tackle to show a great deal of maturity for such a young player. It is just a shame that we are not discussing the the finer points of his game and how he has looked like a potential England star in the making.  

I hope that his suspension does not affect the form that he has shown over recent weeks. He has looked like a shining beacon among some lacklustre performances by many of our World Cup squad.

I am going to label him another Paul Scholes in the making. He has all of the atributes to follow in the footsteps of Scholes. 

Only time will tell if he lives up to the billing.

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