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International fixtures.An extra day to recover.

In the past there have been many managers who have raised concerns about the international fixtures.

Playing international matches in the first few days at the beginning of a new season sounds ludicrous, and is.

Other managers have concerns that they cannot prepare their teams for the weekend club fixtures after the midweek internationals. Players turn up at their clubs on a Thursday after being involved in a match on the Wednesday evening. If that match was at some obscure part of Europe then they may have the day off. So that leaves only the Friday for managers to prepare their teams their important club fixtures at the weekend.

Given that Friday is the least day physically that a team trains means that players will go into  a Saturday match having not prepared at all. Fridays are generally a short, sharp kind of day. A few set pieces, corners and free kicks etc. A small sided game and that is normally it.

I have finished as early as 11AM on occasions. There is nothing wrong with this. You want to keep something back for the match. After all, that is what we are all judged on isn’t it?

So I now see that some international double-headers are being played Friday-Tuesday instead of the traditional Saturday-Wednesday.

Much better.

It may not seem that it could make much of a difference but the extra day can really help recovery. Even if it is just from a mental perspective. As I aged as a player you do need more time to recover. Some days after matches, as I was in my mid-30’s, it would feel like I was walking round with a ‘hangover’ !!

A player may get a slight knock and the extra 24 hours or so could well be the difference between being fit or missing the weekend match.

Managers will have that all important extra day to work with their full squad. Thursday is traditionally the day where a team works on tactical issues for the Saturday game. The Wednesday midweek match can all but put an end to any tactical work for the Thursday. Preparation can be hampered and results can be affected. It is always another excuse that managers and coaches can use to justify a defeat. That is if they have already blamed the referee and assistants. 

If we could somehow find a way of adding in a winter break then I think that we could begin to see an even higher level of football on show.

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  1. fossil
    October 14, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Jamie – loving the blogs! What are your thoughts on a winter break? When would you have it and for how long?

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