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Gazza…where will this all end ?

I see that there is another story Paul Gascoigne and his difficulty in coping with life after football. Does it surprise us to hear that Paul Gascoigne had been arrested for drink-driving and now an alleged drug related incident ?

Unfortunately, it doesnt.

Paul Gascoigne was one of my heroes. As a Tottenham fan as a boy I saw him at the peak of his powers in a Spurs shirt. The free kick at Wembley against Arsenal was the biggest memory for me.

I was lucky enough to meet him once. He played at Bloomfield Rd in an FA Cup tie at Blackpool. I think it was about 1990. He was in the bar after the game. I was at the FA National Centre of Excellence at the time and somebody thought it best if I could be introduced to him to get some tips for the future.  This is what he said:

‘Let me give you some advice. Never, ever listen to anything that a coach says to you.’

I think it was said ‘tongue in cheek’ and it got a laugh from those listening. At that time people would have laughed at anything he would have come out with. He was the top player in the country at the time. I didn’t really know what to make of this ‘advice’ at the time but looking back I do think it a pretty irresponsible piece of advice.

Since retiring he has found himself in some pretty tight spots. I think that he has had so much negative press for so many incidents that the majority of the public have lost all respect for him.

When he played for Boston United towards the very back-end of his career I knew a couple of the lads there. I was told that his diet consisted of Red Bull. That’s it…just Red Bull, and the odd cigarette. He would be in the changing rooms as if he was as high as a kite. Also during his time there I am informed that he played a reserve match at Lincoln City. Paul Gascoigne in the Boston Utd reserves at Sincil Bank…..that’s just not right is it ?

Anyway, he had a bit of a disagreement with one of Lincoln City’s young pro’s during the game, who told him what a disgrace of a man he was. At half-time the Boston manager came in to the Lincoln dressing room to ask which player made Gazza cry.

This story amazed me. The young pro should have had more respect for a football icon, the Boston manager should never be playing Paul Gascoigne in a reserve match and Paul Gascoigne should really not be in tears in such a situation. But that shows the decline of one of our most ever talented players. 

It really does worry me for his future. I really do fear the worst for him. It seems like football has washed their hands of him. There has been talk of a return to football management, in non-league. I can understand why nobody in the professional game will take a risk on him. He is unreliable, unstable even.

Hopefully he can get his life together sometime soon and allow us to remember the good side of such a great footballer.

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