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Danny Murphy…are managers responsible?

Very interested to read Danny Murphy’s comments about the tackling in the modern game. I did touch on it in a previous blog


Fulham have most definitely had their fair share of any tackles which have caused medium to long-term injuries for their squad which has firstly, caused manager Mark Hughes to comment so passionately, and now also Danny Murphy.

Danny Murphy is one of those players who has a massive amount of respect in the game. He has been around a long time at the top-level and plays the game how we all like it to be seen. He is a proper footballer who is probably playing some of his best stuff  towards the end of his career, similar to how my career went (although at a much higher level).

There have been enough tackles recently which have brought about talking points which in turn could lead to referees over-clamping down on any tackles they see. It would not surprise me to see the next batch of Premier League matches see one or more red cards with the challenges not fully meriting that punishment.

Danny Murphy’s point that managers are responsible for the tackles we have seen is one that I don’t fully agree with. We are talking about adults here. Ultimately they decide how they play, how they tackle, pass, shoot and celebrate.

Yes, each manager has their own style of play and some teams do go out to stop the other team playing. There is a reason for that though. It is to deny space, to hassle and to hurry. No manager would ask any player to injure another player and that is where we need to find the balance here.

Obviously we all know that a dangerous, career threatening  tackles have no place in the game today. What we do not want to see is the elimination of tackling altogether. 

Could you imagine watching football if every player was scared to risk a card by not tackling ?

That would not be much of a spectacle at all.

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  1. October 8, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    I did wonder whether Danny Murphy was simply hankering after a move to Liverpool 🙂 “This would never happen under a manager like Roy Hodgson” <– "Dear Roy…."

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