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McClaren ‘an option’ for England

I read that Trevor Brooking has said that former England manager steve McClaren has been mentioned for a possible return to the England manager’s job when Capello leaves the post.

Now we must take this in context. We do not know the question which was asked or from which angle the reporter was coming from but I have to admit that Brooking’s comments did surprise me.

Firstly, let me state that I rate McClaren very highly. That may cause some responses from some readers. I have heard some very positive stories about his coaching abilities from many professional coaches and managers.

Let us cast our minds back when Sir Alex Ferguson was in search of an assistant at Old Trafford. He chose Steve McClaren. He could have had his pick but chose him. Not just anybody ends up on the backroom staff at Man Utd.

As The FA were under so much pressure to appoint an Englishman following on from Sven Goran Eriksson I feel that he was one of few candidates to considered.

Which brings me onto how I think that the media hold a great deal of responsibility for ruining the reputation of one of England’s top coaches.

McClaren’s England started off like a house on fire. I always felt though that the media were just waiting for any signal they could to go after him.

Of course, as England did not qualify for a major tournament under his reign then you are always going to come into some criticism. That goes with the territory. we all know that. And he clearly did himself no favours by hiding himself under his umbrella for the Croatia match at Wembley. But was it his fault that Scott Carson chucked one in for them ? Was it his fault that Gary Neville’s back pass hit the biggest bobble football has ever seen ?

But I feel that the way in which the media brainwashed the country into believing that Steve McClaren was some kind of second rate outcast was way over the top. On a smaller scale I have seen how powerful the media can be. The reports in a local newspaper can mould the reactions to how a team or individual is received by supporters for the weekend match. I have seen it. It does happen.

So, with the personal battering that Steve McClaren received over the course of weeks and months led to him not being able to get a job in this country. I am sure that Chairman all over the country would have liked to employ him but the media negativity would have rubbed off onto any Chairman and club that he would have gone to.

So, Steve McClaren has no option but to ply his trade abroad. I reckon that he became so disillusioned that he thought that this was the only solution. And amazingly enough he has proved to be a major success. I don’t hear too many negative media stories these days.

As we crave for more english coaches to be produced we must feel that one of our best is benefiting foreign players.

Anyway…after what has happened I don’t think Steve McClaren would even consider taking the role as England Manager for all of the money in the world.

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  1. Gaz
    October 7, 2010 at 10:50 am

    Hi jamie, great read as ever. I’m interested in the following passage:

    “The reports in a local newspaper can mould the reactions to how a team or individual is received by supporters for the weekend match. I have seen it. It does happen.”

    Any examples for us, perhaps from your time at City? Surely it never happened to you in your time with us?

  2. October 8, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I agree about the media – there is a terrible desire to “build up, knock down” these days – no-one is safe. But McClaren returning – makes me shudder just at the thought!

    Question is IF he was offered it would he want it? He has gone abroad and rebuilt his reputation, why would he want to come and undo this? If I was in his shoes I would stay well clear – the media would turn on him even quicker second time around.

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