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Liverpool FC: The beginning of a new era ?

As the positive news filters through that the unpopular owners of Liverpool are soon to be on their way the question about how the future for Liverpool looks.

The new owners, you must admit, come in to the game at just the right time from a PR angle. They buy at a time when Liverpool can go no lower. In the relegation zone and suffering their worst run of form for many a year allows the new owners to seen as saviours.

They have experience of running the American ‘franchise’  models which could end up becoming the norm over here in time to come and given the they can get their feet under the table in time for a January spending frenzy could see their popularity catapult beyond recognition.

But will this be the case? I think we automatically assume that, because of what we have seen at man City and Chelsea previously that they will come and out-spend anybody that has been before them. I’m sure that we all thought that about Hicks and Gillet and it seems that all they have done is added to their own personal fortunes whilst running our greatest footballing institution into decline. They will head off back to America probably unaware of the long-term damage that they have inflicted to such a massive club. They will probaly point to the current financial climate as an excuse that the new stadium has not yet been build. I for one, would like to know exactly how much money they have taken out of the club in their stay.

Obviously big names will now be linked to play for Liverpool. The new owners will say that money will be made available. The ‘will Gerrard and Torres stay?’ questions will be never-ending.

As a kid growing up as a Tottenham fan I remember attending the match at Anfield where Tottenham won there for the first time in about 80 years. The days of Dalglish and Rush. How dare anybody go to Anfield and take the points. But it was a magical place, a fortress too. In fact I played at Anfield in a reserve game for Leeds Utd as a teenager and managed to score 2 goals. I have never forgotten what it was like to score at Anfield. It as a magical experience for me, even though it was a reserve fixture.

Those are the types of things that have been lost in recent times. Sunderland can now go there and expect to come away with something.

There is too much history at Liverpool for them to be playing in the Europa League.

For the good of football it would be great o see Roy Hodgson be given the time and money to get Liverpool back to where they belong.

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