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What really is the problem with Torres?

I read another report that Fernando Torres is an injury doubt for the match at the weekend.

From watching Liverpool’s Europa League tie away to one of my previous clubs, FC Utrecht, you could certainly think that he is carrying an injury. In fact, his form from the back end of last season, all the way through The World Cup to October (about 6 months) has been well below his performance levels compared to how he electrified us all on his arrival in The Premier League.

To me he looks exhausted, burned out even. At the moment he is between a rock and a hard place though. Because he is so fatigued and in need of a rest is probably the reason why he keeps picking up so many injuries. Each time he has an injury he is patched up and rushed backto action. This is not the way it should be.

All I seem to hear is that the reason for his lack of form is because he has had injuries. You would think that he is the only person ever to pick up a knock.

It may look from the outside that, because of a lack of quality cover in the forward area of Liverpools squad that he is being pressured into playing.I cant think for one minute that Liverpool are forcing him to play whilst he is not 100%. Those days are long gone where a Manager tells you that you are playing. The modern player decides what happens in this day and age, that’s for sure.

Are the rigours of  The Premier League finally taking their toll on this amazing talent? Are the expectations of playing for such a prestigious club too much to handle? Are Liverpool missing a trick by playing him as a lone striker?

You could answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions to a possible cause for the huge decline in performances.

For what it’s worth it is far simpler than that.

He is knackered….plain and simple.

Ironically, if his injuries had prevented him from playing in this summers World Cup he would have been raring to go having had a summer of re-couperation and Premier League defences would  probably have been the helpless to his A Game as we have seen on so many occasions.

The yard of pace that he looks to have lost coupled with the negative body language that we see at the moment really is cause for concern for all fans who enjoy watching the best at work.

So what do Liverpool do about it?

Can they afford to leave him out for a month while he rests up ? No.

So we may see this season be a poor one for Mr Torres.  Yes, he will get goals but at the moment it seems a long way from the player we saw 2 or 3 years back.

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